Creators of digital presence

What is your story? 

Digis are a new agency based in Lisbon and yet we evolved on a boat in the Indian Ocean.
We came together as experts to create & manage brands, athletes, public personalities, services and products digital presence.

Creators of digital presence

Your digital presence?

In an ever changing media environment a simple captivating visual story will attract a significant following.
Your story and journey is what makes your product, service & brand unique. 

Our creative process

Our creative process

Is to bond the beautiful with the technical, the poetic with the algorithm.
We create the conduit between a story teller and engagement with a relevant audience. 

Digis Agency manage client brands digital presence

Digis manage the media turbulence

We help to form a strategy that enables effective management of your digital presence in an ever-changing digital media marketplace.

Film & photo content that captivates

Our creative approach is connected to the ocean, to nature, the experiential and the adventurous.

It is what we know and love.

Digital media strategy & management

Our team simplifies and targets your story.

A visual impact that creates a sense of your brand that is memorable.

Relevant follower growth & targeted audiences

Digis Agency will effectively manage and measure campaign strategy.

Ensuring we are attracting the right audience for your brand & story.

Athlete or public personality?

Digis Agency will help tell your story, manage your digital presence, effectively position your partner brands and grow your relevant audience.

Public personality social media managment

Content that resonates through the digital deluge

Digis will analyze the data, determine keywords and #hashtags. We measure campaigns to cost-effectively communicate your story to an engaged and relevant audience.

Marketing campaign measurement

Captivating images and film

Placing your products in a story that engages a willing audience that wishes to listen and learn without feeling overly "advertised" to.

Product placement advertising

Time for your audience to decide

Test launch a new product, service or colorway. Let us help to cost-effectively test market your idea or product before diving head first into full-scale production.

Test launch new product ranges

Who are we?

We are a mixed team; a professor of mathematics statistician surfer, a managing director entrepreneur coach, a social media travel agency fitness guru and a photographic, film, and production artist, organic vegetable gardener.

We are Digis Agency digital marketing brand creation